How to Download a Zwift Workout File

I have not linked my Zwift account to Training Peaks.  I did this by choice and it is because I ride with my cycling computer on my bike when Zwifting and really don’t care if the route appears in my workout files but I want the power data, which my Wahoo head unit provides.

Well, I ran into a bit of a SNAFU.  I didn’t change my ride type to “indoor” and therefore I lost a large chunk of my data.  In this error I learned something new. You can export your workout files from Zwift in a .FIT file wich is compatible with the vast majority of the training platforms that are out there.  Here is how:

Step 1:

Log in to your Zwift Account.  I did this on my computer which, from what I can tell, is currently the only way to download the file.


Step 2:

In the Activity Feed, CLICK “Just Me” to help narrow down your search

Zwift File Download Just me

Step 3:

CLICK on the ride you wish to download


Step 4: 

CLICK the Gear Icon above the ride name

Untitled design (1)

Step 5:

CLICK “Download Fit File”

Untitled design (2)

Now in your downloads, you will find your .FIT file with the date of the ride upload it to your desired platform and you are set to go!

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