Veo Strip – Sweat Diversion Review

At the end of last year, I received some samples of Veo test strips.  I had seen them on Facebook ads many times and thought that these may solve my inability to see with sweat covered sunglasses. The company was kind enough to let me give them a go.

This is Veo.  Think of the veo strip like a gutter that is on your house but for your forehead.  It diverts the sweat around your eyes and down the side of your head.

To be honest, my first thought was, “These things are kinda goofy looking.”

20180705_115229If you have seen some of my recent ride pictures on Instagram or Facebook, you may have noticed that there is something additional on my forehead.  One of my athletes thought I had a Twizzler on my forehead (IDEA! Twizzler… the next sport bean!)

Since moving to Florida in 2011, I have been unable to wear sunglasses in the summer due to the heat and insanely high humidity.  It is the choice of potentially not being able to see because something gets in my eye or definitely not being able to see because my sunglasses are so sweat-covered that I am unable to see.   

The Veo strips have made it so that I can wear sunglasses on my rides again.  I can do a 2 hour ride and only get one drop of sweat on my glasses — which has not been possible before now.

Here are some of the key features I love:

Adhesion – Even over several three and four hour rides, I have been thoroughly impressed with the adhesion of the Veo test strips.  It doesn’t appear that excessive sweat or extreme heat (108 deg heat index) has much of an impact on the adhesion of these sweat diversion strips.  The other impressive thing is that, even on a short one hour ride, it doesn’t feel like I am peeling the flesh from my face to remove them. In fact, I wouldn’t even call it a mild discomfort.

Purpose – In this instance, Veo Strips form follows function. Like I said earlier,these things might look goofy, but, man, do they do the job that they are intended to do!

Cost – This was initially my main concern. Now, I see that Veo has released a new 30 pack which brings the cost to $1 a strip.

If you struggle like I do with the inability to see due to sweaty sunglasses or are tired of your eyes burning from sweat, then Veo Strips are one of the best options I have ever worn!


20180815_143407-01.jpegWant to test some out at no charge?  Sign up today for a chance to win a free 6 pack or 2 pack of your own Veo Strips.
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