Review: Maurten 160 Sports Drink

Several weeks ago, I posted an image on social media of me using a new sports drink mix.  I was trying Maurten for the first time. Within 12 hours of posting, I had six people asking what my thoughts were and, within a week, the number of inquiries had risen to nearly two dozen. If you were one of these individuals and did not receive a response, I am sorry. However, I do not like to give a review after one trial.

I am now nearly through my first box, which is 18 servings, and I feel I have a strong enough handle on it to provide an initial review.  

Let me preface with the fact that I have been using water, sodium pills and solid food for the past three years due to the fact that many of the sports drinks I have consumed began to cause GI issues after several bottles.  When I heard about Maurten, it peaked my interest.


Initial thoughts

When compared to other sports drinks, Maurten is a bit more pricey at approximately $2.30 a bottle (shipping excluded). The packaging is clean and comes in single serving pouches.

Instructions are very specific as to the quantity of water (500ml).  Maurten mixes very easily with a few seconds of shaking.


The consistency of Maurten is different. It is not simply a marketing ploy. The powder turns into a gel like substance and you can tell after your first swig from the bottle.  

The consistency is not like a gel packet but does feel thicker than water. Flavoring is very light with this drink. Personally, I could not pinpoint a flavor, but it has a subtle sweetness. The flavor that the drink does have tastes good to me during exercise and post-exercise.  I have, however, found that I like the taste best when chilled.


Final thoughts

I do like Maurten 160 a lot.  Up to this point, my longest ride with it has been 3 hours, in which I consumed two bottles of Maurten and one of water along with some solid food and sodium pills. During that time, I did not have any GI distress and my gut felt normal, even post ride.

Personally, I dislike going on a ride with a partially empty bottle and the strict 17oz recommendation causes that. I wish that a cannister or larger packets were available for purchase, but, for the time being, I will survive.

If you are curious what my next step is, I have already purchased more of the 160 and my first of the 320 to test it as well.  In short, I like this and will continue to use it as well as provide greater depth of review once longer rides are completed.


*This product was purchased at retail and no product was provided for this review.  

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