Saturday was a great ride. It was 43 degrees for the high and rained all day. I rode at 10am for 3+ hours and then finished up the ride with a hike up the incline. For those of you that don’t know the incline is 1 mile long and gains nearly 2000 feet. At it’s steepest i believe it is 48% and is brutal to say the least!

Sunday was a day of rest and recovery, but included final preparations in the baby room and a little bit of yard work (I love it when I can mow the lawn again!).
Today is looking to be an hour on the road bike at a nice easy recovery pace and then tomorrow I will begin to build up my total time again on Tuesday. I’m hoping for 3 hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday but we will have to see how I’m feeling. Unfortunately I am fighting something at the moment. Much like every year around this time I am fighting some form of bug… Hopefully very shortly I will be fully operational and ready to rock!

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