Little motivation…

Well, this morning was one of those mornings…I had no issue getting out of bed at 5am to hop on the bike but once I got on and got 20minutes in I was DONE! Motivation was certainly lacking. The weather outside was cold(20’s) which forced me inside on the trainer, which as some of you know I loathe. Before I got on the bike I was planning on doing 2 hours. Well, it took me longer to get ready and drive into the office than I expected which had me down to 1:30 by that time and at 1:05 I called it a day. Hit the showers and got to work early. 9 hours in 3 days…thankfully I got a lot more saddle time in on Monday than I had planned/expected and am still at the total time that I intended to be at by today. So i guess all in all things evened out but who wouldn’t want a little extra saddle time? Apparently not me this morning!

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