ah, the beloved rest days

Well, today is a rest day. After the last 13 days I have really been looking forward to this day. Yesterday morning my alarm went of at 5:30 and all I could think was that I wanted the next 5.5 hours to be over. I got up, had some breakfast, checked out the weather, applied the sunscreen and hit the road. Boy the weather man was right. It was a beautiful sunny day but at 6am the wind was already whipping. I had a tail wind all the way into downtown where I met a buddy and we headed up Ute Pass. Once in the pass the tailwind was no more. It was swirling and blowing so hard that my legs arms and face were sand blasted by the loose scree that was being blown around. I made it up to Divide and turned around to meet back up with my friend. Unfortunately he wanted to ride all the way up to Divide and I had to high tail it back to meet the group ride to drag my butt back out to the east side of town. I made it just as they were pulling out and was able to hide in the shelter of the group(The picture was taken shortly after I passed Green Mountain Falls). I was surprised at how great my legs felt though. I certainly had no snap in them, which was to be expected after logging 45 hours in 13 days (the most I’ve ever logged in that time frame), but anything at or below threshold I felt like I could hold for days and days.

Anyway back to recovery, I’m going to kick my feet up and maybe watch a movie or something. This has been a great day and the beautiful weather has made it even better. Nothing like having your breakfast out on the patio as you bask in the sun! I LOVE Colorado!

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