Katelyn Reese Irwin joined us on July 2nd at 11:06am. After a long night of contractions and being sent home from the hospital at 3:00am because Janelle was not dialated enough we came back home for another 3+ hours. At 6:30am Janelle looked at me after several hours of back labor and said “We are going back.” We arrived at 6:50am and were immediately admitted and very shortly after we were holding our little bundle of joy in our hands. Janelle and Katelyn were both released from the hospital the following day healthy and ready to start a new journey and adventure as a family.

Now on to a little bit less good news… I am going to let you be the judge of this one but only a picture will allow you to figure this out. I believe that the “bird legs” have been passed on… It appears that this is a genetic trait and that Katelyn has received it from me. It’s too bad she couldn’t have her mother’s legs but no luck! 🙂

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