Last weekend

Sorry that it has taken me so long to get this up but it’s been a pretty hectic week and time has been stretched pretty thin. Even though it’s been busy it has been a good week. Cooke stayed with us on Wednesday night on his way back home to Washington. That crazy fool decided he was going to trailer his Mustang and drive it from KS to WA which was like 26 hrs or so… No thanks! Either way it was great to have him come by and drink a few beers. It proves how much of a lightweight I am though because 3 beers in 3-4hrs was a bit much it seemed.

Alright, so now on to the story of last weekend. We headed to Denver Sat morning and I raced at 12:40. It was a bit warmer than I care for, at about 91 degrees, and the dust was flying for sure. I jumped into the “Open” race which is P/1/2 category riders and unfortunately it was a small race starting at only 14 racers. It was definitely a race of attrition though on a very dusty rough course and only 9 of us ended up finishing. 60 minutes later the pain and suffering was over and I was pleased not only to have finished but to have finished ahead of a cat 2 racer and only 15 seconds behind another cat 3 racer who was beating me by minutes last year.

After the race we grabbed some lunch and then went looking for some colorful aspen trees. Needless to say we didn’t find any… but we did find some nice views! I also added more pictures to the Photo page so don’t miss those!

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