A day at the races…

Well, you’ve got good days and you’ve got bad days for racing. Unfortunately today was one of those not so good days. The temperature was great, and the course was fun and challenging but unfortunately the body was not firing on all cylinders. I made the huge mistake of letting a gap form on the back section of the race where we had a tail wind and then once I turned into the headwind I was not able to bridge back up and then ended up burying myself for the whole race. As I tell my athletes though, “I would rather you finish last than drop out because things are going exactly as you want.” It would look bad if I DNF’ed(Did Not Finish) because I wasn’t racing at my best, character building isn’t as fun as it sounds… I have to apologize for the short socks…I lost my socks before the race started and had to go with what was already on my feet, unfortunately it made me look more like a triathlete than anything else…

We did stop at K’s for some shakes.

And then at the Wolf Reserve to see if they would accept Kate since she was in her wolf hat…

“Please mom, don’t leave me!”

(I think she is growling here)
They were closed though… but who could get rid of this cutie!
More pictures will be posted tomorrow. Have a great night and thanks for reading!

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