Coaching Clinic and beyond

Well…Wed night, Thursday, Friday and then the rest of the weekend I have been sitting in lecture after lecture. It reminds me of being back in college, with a lot less riding of course and better food thanks to the USOC dining hall, but the time sitting in a room listening to someone talk always amazes me how tiring it is. Much like many of these conferences that I have been to in the past there are some lectures that I receive a great deal of overview and others that I pick up a few tidbits that will hopefully help me to either better understand what is happening with training or how to more effectively with my athletes (is that you?).

Sunday Janelle and I went on a hike with Kate and Kiya. It was a great day to get out even though it was a bit cooler than what we have been used to. Unfortunately we have not been able to hike much this summer with Janelle being sick throughout her entire pregnancy so it was nice to get out and enjoy some time outdoors together. I miss spending that time with her and Kate certainly adds a new level of adventure to it. We did get the opportunity to break out the new Kelty pack that Dad and Bobbi got us as a baby gift. Not too excited for a photo…Kate was though.

Kate was awake nearly the whole time and about 10 minutes from the end she talked to us for 5 or so minutes and then there was silence… Turns out someone got a little tired.
We got a little artistic though once we got her out of the pack and decided to take one last pictured. It turns out this kiddo really can sleep anywhere! I do promise that she was only there long enough for the photo.

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