Well, last weekend was at best a rough one. Kate was sick on Friday and then Saturday I was sick with the stomach flu or something. Magically Janelle avoided it and has been fine since.

Sunday though we did go over to the Cunningham’s (Janelle’s sister) for Halloween and had a great time with them for Halloween. Kyle and I went trick ‘r treating with the kids and Janelle, Kate and Ginger stayed home and handed out candy.

It was amazing the haul that 4 kids bring in for about an hour or so of trick or treating! Check it out. I was a little disappointed though that they weren’t running from house to house. As much as Walker wanted to he just couldn’t motivate the girls to pick up the pace though… poor guy!
The week has been pretty uneventful for the most part. Kate had a 4 month checkup and it turns out she’s freakishly tall and skinny like her old man…big surprise. She is the 93rd percentile for height and 25th for weight… My bad! All in all though she is a healthy happy baby and Janelle says that she thinks this stage is “the most fun yet”. She is recognizing faces, smiling like crazy, giggling and not able to talk yet (I added the last part) so you’ve gotta love it right?!
Wednesday group ride was interesting though… Apparently some moron was obstructing traffic and exchanged some choice words with one driver which ultimately resulted in the whole group getting pulled over by the popo(I think we had all of the Fountain PD there…). It’s the perfect example that the few ruin it for the rest. After 4 cop cars, a motor bike, some defusing of the situation (of the driver) and 20 min or so we were back on the road. Me and several others were so frustrated at the ignorant rider though that we at least made sure that the pace was high enough for the remainder of the ride that the group stayed plenty strung out. For those of you that do ride please remember that you are VERY vulnerable on the bike so if someone does make an attempt to exchange words just apologize (whether you are/aren’t in the wrong) and move on. If you are a jerk you make the roads less safe for every other cyclist that person may encounter again. I don’t know how you feel about your life but I know mine is worth a whole lot so if you want to endanger yourself do it some other way than making motorists angry please. A few recommendations are playing tag with a rabid badger, steal Mike Tyson’s tiger or being Ike Turner’s girlfriend/wife(not really possible anymore).
This weekend has been a good one though. We hung out with the Cunningham’s last night for dinner a movie and some down time. It has been so nice having them so close to us! We get to see them quite often and after seeing them 1-2 times a year for 4+ years it’s a nice change of pace to have dinner every couple of weeks with them, if not more.
Today was the typical errands and now all 3 girls are asleep on the couches. Kate is downstairs with me and Janelle and Kiya are sharing a couch upstairs(Janelle misses cuddling with Kiya a lot I think).
Today is day three off of my “take two weeks off and quit program.” NAH, just kidding. It is day 3 off though and to be honest it has been kind of nice. Motivation has been really low this fall to ride and to race but the nice thing is that I really only have to workout 2-3 days a week to stay in good shape so if I don’t feel like riding not a huge deal. The bonus is not having to worry about days like this! 🙂

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