Florida recap

Last Friday Janelle, Kate and I took off for Tallahassee, Florida. Janelle and I had our concerns about the flight and how Kate would handle it but she took it like a champ! We had two flights there and two flights back and nearly the whole time she had a great view of the back of her eyelids.

She handled the airports well to and we took this time to try to keep her awake as much as possible in the hopes that she would continue to sleep.

Once in Florida we had a nice relaxing time and Saturday morning we took a little trip to the beach so Kate could get her toes in the sand and more importantly momma could get some pictures.

And then Saturday night was a fun filled evening of football! FSU play Clemson and it was a game that came down to wire with FSU ending up on top in the end.

Sunday was a little A.M. lounging and then back to the airport for more flights.

Are we there yet?

Seriously guys… let’s be done with this!

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