Life is a changin’

Well, it has been a whirlwind since my last post.  It has included turning in my two weeks (or month in this case), packing up our house, selling the Subaru (I LOVED that car and miss her so much!), Katelyn’s 1st birthday, spending some time in Canon City with Janelle and her family, driving to KS and spending time with all family, driving to Tallahassee Florida (Just me, Janelle and Kate flew), finding a new place to live, starting a new job at Sunshine Cycles (where big things are happening and continuing to happen), and selling our house in COS (painful, but glad it sold)!  Why so much many of you might ask and the most common question that we get around here is “Why would you EVER leave Colorado?!”  Well, here is all I can answer with that:

So…if you don’t know what that means let me explain.  This opportunity has given Janelle the opportunity to stay at home with Katelyn and raise her and any potential Irwin child (yes it is singular) that may come along in the coming years.  It was SO hard to leave all of our friends and “family” in COS and just as difficult to leave the beautiful climate and amazing scenery but in the end will all be worth it and then some!
Things have been going well since we got here, minus the occasional snag or two.  We do love the “Southern hospitality” and forgot what it was like to live in a very friendly community.  It has amazed me the number of rides and events I have shown up to and gotten an “oh, you are the guy!” has been frightening almost.  Someone has been talking a little it seems!
Katelyn is now walking, and running for that matter.  And is growing so fast that I am almost having a hard time keeping up with it all.  Janelle seems to be adjusting to being a stay at home mother and is doing such an amazing job!  I think it is like anything you do full time though, their are days where you really love it and then days where it stresses you out and or frustrates you.
Right now though the whole household is getting over some sort of bug… Kate had to go to the hospital last weekend because she had Croup and couldn’t hardly breathe.  With some Steroids in her system breathing quickly became better and we were out the door.  Janelle and I are fighting some head cold thing and are both ready to be feeling 100% soon!

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