Time for a change

I am sure you have had that garment that you put on and thought, “Uh oh.” No, I’m not talking about some Dodge Ball type stuff where you expect your team uniforms and end up with a box of bondage wear.  I mean that “yea… this wasn’t nearly this tight the last time I wore it!” thought process.  Well, two weeks ago was that morning for me.  I got up at 5 am to go on a great ride and dawned my riding clothes.  Yes, they are spandex, so they are always tight, but the ones I laid out were my “race fit” bibs and jersey.  Needless to say they are normally aerodynamic.  This time they were painted on.

Pride was officially hurt.  Mission accepted.  Get eating under control and weight loss here we go!  Yes, I know, you are probably thinking, “this nut is already skinny.” It is slightly different… I have been in some form of endurance sports for nearly 2 decades and weight is not only noticed but noticeable. Hopping on the scale confirmed I was 10lbs heavier than ever before.

I am now 2 weeks in and down 4 lbs and looking to have a total of 10lbs in weight loss within 3 more weeks.  Do you want to learn how to do it or want some help in beginning your own weight loss?  Let me know, accountability can be huge and I am more than happy to aid you in your goals as well!


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