What does 2018 bring?

A New Year means so many things for so many people. For some it is excitement of what all is to2018 Goals come. Others might be fearful of the uncertainty of what a new season of life may mean.  2018 to me is a year that I desire to accomplish more than ever before. What better way to maintain your drive towards your goals than to air them for all to see.

  1. Refocus my fitness – Needless to say, I have become complacent in past years and while still being able to have decent performances I know it is not what I am truly capable of.
    1. Half Marathon – This year I will be running the Albany Half Marathon (yep, registered last night) and my goal is to run it in 1hr and 25min or less.  This is 3 minutes 28 seconds faster than my 1/2 PR and will require me to increase my mileage, speed work and drop some excess lbs that I have gained over the winter months.
    2. Lean up – Have you ever had weight stay about the same but you feel flabby?  There is more jiggle when you go up and down the stairs, you notice it in your stomach and you just don’t feel quite the same.
    3. Become a more well rounded athlete –  Nope, I am not going to take up bowling, or lacrosse or something of that sort.  I am going to get into the gym more (maybe not the actual gym).  What I mean is I am going to begin doing workouts that are not just in the Sagittal plane.  By doing this it will help me with quality of life, not be a hunch backed cyclist and help to reduce risk of injury.
    4. Ultra Cycling event – I have several in mind but it depends on a lottery.
  2. Family – This is a big part of 2018.  I often look back and regret many of the ways I handled situations and many decisions I made while Grayson was going through his treatment. I realize that if he would not have survived I would have a great deal of regret for the way I handled myself.
  3. Business – Let’s be honest, I love coaching! Helping an athlete achieve their goals, have a healthier life and find joy in what they do is something that I feel has a positive impact on so many things other than that one individual.  In 2018 I have several different areas where I will focus my energy to broaden the impact of both Science of Speed and I have.

The first day has already started off trying to hold me down with the loss of my voice as well as constant chills.  Nonetheless I am pressing on, working towards what I want to achieve while staying hydrated and maybe I will work on the well rested side of things shortly.

Happy New Year to you all and good luck with your goal setting and achievement!

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