Well, today we are in the car for day #2. Yesterday I drove fom COS to Duango to meet the rest of the team and once we were loaded up and swung by the local bike shop to pick up a new set of riding shoes (Halsey's check bag with his riding shoes was lost…) we were on the road. Our evenings goal was initially Flagstaff but the drive took a bit longer than expected and we ended up Just outside of Kayenta, AZ (all 3 hotels in Kayenta were full).

Today's drive has gone pretty well we arr about 3:30 out of Carlsbad, CA (final destination) and have been going since 8 this morning. We are still in AZ but have to be getting close to CA.

This morning we did get up a bit early and Austin, Halsey and I got a quick hourr ride in which was great and definitely good for stretching the legs. Halsey and Austin were definitely feeling the fact that they were at 5000ft though and I think are looking forward to being back down near sea level tonight.
Brady Irwin

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