RAW recap

Well, I have been a bit MIA for a while but I wanted to give you a final recap on RAW. It was a great race. We had a great time as a team, worked very well together and had an amazing crew (thanks JJ & Lance for the ice cream at 8pm that I was really craving). Our overall finish time was 43hours 57min which brought us in as the first team and ultimately meant we set the new course record by nearly 4.5 hours and beat our own personal goal by over 4 hours. My legs held up very well throughout the entire race until about 39 hours in when Halsey and I came off of a 4 hour shift. I made the bad decision to take a nap and woke up with my legs feeling very heavy and stiff. Before that Halsey and I came off of a 4 hour leg where combined we average 25mph and were both feeling great. Below is a brief analysis of my data throughout the race. Unfortunately I am missing anywhere from 60-90 minutes of data because my PowerTap head unit went dead and I was without data for this time. So I believe total time would be closer to 12 hours of saddle time but I am not 100%. I do know that Avg speed would be higher because the portion that I did not have a system for was in the dessert and was pancake flat.

Total TimeDistance (km)CaloriesAvg speed (kmh)Avg PowerTop Speed (kmh)10:14.0375.11707691.000031.7212205.769281.7MPH conversion
Ultimately the race went flawless, 2 flats and 1 broken chain with about 2 hours to go. I did learn one thing though. My stomach either does not handle no sleep for 60 hours, or 10,000 calories in 40 hours very well because I have never felt stomach pain like that before. Also, it is possible to get 16hours of sleep in an 18 hour time period. WHO KNEW!?!
Most importantly I cannot forget to thank my BEAUTIFUL wife! Janelle you have been so selfless letting me leave only 4 weeks before your due date and I think more than anything being patient with the long training weeks of 20-26 hours in the saddle each week. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without your support.

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