Yesterday I spent the day in Leadville with an athlete. We rode the first 20ish miles and last 20ish miles of the course (basically an out and back). It was a beatiful day in the 70’s and it was great to be back on the bike. 4 hours of saddle time felt amazing and the climbing made my legs feel a bit on the heavy side today but it was well worth it! Leadville and Turquoise lake is a very pretty area and the spot in the valley just behind this photo is actually a place I have always wanted to hike into and camp some time. Maybe next year when Katelyn is a bit older!

On the way back we stopped at K’s in Buena Vista. If you have never been I strongly recommend you stop by and get a shake. They are best known for their shakes and malts and it is definitely worth your time. Expect to wait in line though, there is usually about a 10-15 min. wait just to order because it is so packed.

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