SIDI america ROCKS!

I have to say “thank you” to SIDI America, the distributor of SIDI cycling shoes. Over the past year I have noticed that my SIDI Ergo 2s had some of the material on them become yellowed. On any other color shoe it wouldn’t have been that noticeable but on a pair of all white shoes a little bit of yellowing on a part stands out like a sore thumb. So, I contacted Nicole, this very sweet gal at SIDI America, and she told me to send my shoes in to be evaluated for a warranty. Thankfully they were willing to send me a pair of shoes that will get me by for the time being. They are not the prettiest looking things and certainly aren’t as comfortable as my Ergo 2s have been but that is to be expected when you go from one end of the price spectrum to the next. In the mean time this means the bird legs still get to roam! Here we are at the top of Cheyenne Canyon actually in the loaner shoes just this afternoon. It was a great ride and I was able to just dodge the lightning/rain storms that came up as I was out. Thanks again SIDI America and please send my shoes back as soon as possible, I miss them already!

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