Great day!

Well, Katelyn is sleeping well (4hrs at a time) and growing like a weed, Janelle is in a routine and has 2 wks before she has to return to work (don’t remind her), and things have begun to return to a bit of normalcy (if that will be possible ever again), and today I got a great ride in with some BEAUTIFUL weather! The past several weeks it has been a very strange shift in how I have felt on the bike. The legs have either been hot or cold and it takes about 30-45min to figure out which it is going to be. Today thankfully was one of those hot days! I did 1hr 20 min and had almost 3200ft of vertical in the ride. I even did a climb that I have not done in 2 years. Old Stage road is a short local steep climb that ends up turning into gravel about a mile up. I have not done it in years because I am not much of a fan of it, but today’s goal was to do as much climbing in as short of an amount of time as possible, plus I needed a pretty picture! 🙂 So near the end of my ride I decided to give it a whirl. It was just as I remembered but it was well worth it and in the end was a great day in the saddle!

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