Another Weim?!

So I was clearing out my inbox today in my gmail account which I don’t think I have done in, well ever, and I came across several old pictures of Kiya when she was a puppy. I completely forgot how big her feet were compared to her body but boy was she CUTE! So I got the idea of sending Janelle a quick e-mail and see what kind of response I got. I attached the photo and all the e-mail said was…”Wasn’t she cute?!?! You want another?! :)” I would love to have another dog but at this point Kiya is about all Janelle can handle and or stand with the added stress of Katelyn so I sent it more as a joke than anything. Little did I know that she would one up me.

About an hour later I get an e-mail in my in my inbox and this is what is says…”Isn’t She cute?!?! It’s all your getting for now…:)” I’ve gotta give her credit, she is right and she definitely surprised me with that answer. This little kid is adorable and has a receding hairline of a 60year old man… Who ever thought that would be cute on a girl! 🙂

I had a friend send me a text one night, about 4 or 5 days after Katelyn was born and I was super tired, stressed out and most of all cranky. All it said was “The nights are long, but the days go so fast.” Those are words that as each week has gone by I have realized more and more. Katelyn will be 7wks on Friday and the time has gone SO fast. She is growing so quickly and the little smiles at a 3am feeding may be a little frustrating (focus kid, a.d.d. like dad) but they sure do make things a lot better at the same time. Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it!

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