East bound and down

Well, we made the 11 hour drive to Oklahoma this weekend for Janelle’s grandmother’s funeral. It was a sad day in the McIlvain household and for the town of Hennessey, Oklahoma. Gran lived a long full life and from the full chapel it was apparent that the number of lives she touched was far greater than I am sure she probably would have ever imagined.

Today marked a new step in our family life as well. Janelle dropped Kate off at her sister’s house this morning on her way to work. The past few days have been pretty tough for Janelle in anticipation of dropping her off. I can’t imagine how difficult it was since she has spent all but 5 hours of her waking moments with Kate since she was born 2 months ago. As the days go by it will get easier and easier but I think at this point it is very difficult to see that in sight. Seriously though, it’s hard to miss this little face!
After 22 hours in the car over the last 2.5days it was great to get out and stretch my legs on the road bike. There is nothing like a jaunt up Orion to Gold Camp and then down Cheyenne canyon. The weather here is AMAZING and you can start to feel a bit of crispness in the air which is making me think that we are quickly losing are summer warmth. The fact that it hit 52deg last night doesn’t hurt that insight as well.

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