Cripple Creek Ride

Friday Morning we pushed off from CTS around 8:00am on our way to Cripple Creek. It was a great morning and started off a bit chilly. Jim Lehman, Adam Pulford, Daniel Matheny and myself were expecting the trip to be about 5-5.5hrs of total ride time and with fall rapidly approaching we knew that there was little chance of running into thunderstorms. With a few tough climbs on the way Jim put the hurt on all of us and left us hoping to be as strong as he is at 40 years old.

Coming back through Woodland Park we realized we were actually making much better time than what the ride typically takes. In fact we made it door to door in 4:37min. The ride clocked in at 89miles and just shy of 7,000ft of climbing. Not a bad day in the saddle and certainly a ride that needs to be done more often! Thanks a bunch fellas!

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