‘Cross is upon us!

Alright, so as many of you already know I LOVE ‘cross season! It is my favorite time of the year and always gets invigorated to get back on the bike after a long summer. I like the cold, the rain, the snow, swampy muddy conditions and even the warmer weather when it has to be that way. There is nothing like finishing a race with mud caked in your hair, your face covered like you are getting one of those funny facial things that ladies get to soften their skin and your legs smoking from just turning yourself inside out for 45minutes.

This weekend is the official start of cyclocross season in the Colorado region as well as the U.S. UCI scene in Nittany. Unfortunately though I will not be able to start racing this weekend. The main reason is I don’t currently have a new ‘cross bike yet. I’m working with the guys at Colorado Cyclist to get that part straightened out though and like always they are taking GREAT care of me. On the 18th we’ve got a local race here in COS but I will be working our Performance Testing camp at CTS that weekend so there is no racing then… “So, when are you racing?” you ask. That is a good question. I guess the excitement will continue to build until I am actually able to race. In the meantime I will stalk cxmagazine, crosstube and all of the other cycling related sites until the opportunity to race presents itself.

Thought for the day: Do you have the same outlook on your races as one of my athletes?! I hope so! I’m going to win that race in buffalo. You heard it here first. Its just how I feel.”

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