Father Daughter time

Today Janelle had to work which meant that it was just me and Kate. Which I am pretty sure Janelle was at least a little worried about. “Why?” you ask? because at about 2:00pm she called me to make sure that everything was going well. I think it was to make sure Katelyn wasn’t balling, the house wasn’t on fire and if it wasn’t on fire that I got the honey do list completed that she gave me this morning (not 100% done…SORRY!). 🙂

Since Janelle did work today though I decided it was a GREAT time for some father daughter bonding time. So we headed to the mountains to enjoy the beautiful weather (low 70’s) and some amazing scenery. The choice trail of the day was 7 bridges trail near the top of Cheyenne Canyon, just off of Gold Camp road. Kiya went with us and since Katelyn has been around she

has seemed to become a bit more mature and by that I mean manageable. Today, as you can see she was the leader of the pack on our hike. She lead the whole way up and down the trail.
Kate is officially a hiking champ. Today was her 3rd hike in her 10 weeks of life and she lasted nearly 1.5hrs on the trail with me. She slept all but the last 5 minutes of our hike. The sun shone directly in her eyes and woke her up (had to improvise with the hat so she didn’t fuss too much). All in all today was A LOT of fun and it even ended in some smiles from Katelyn before I put her in the car seat for the trip home. Hopefully there will be much more hiking to come even though the winter months. She is getting close to being able to support her head and that is what I am waiting for to get her in the hiking pack that Grandpa Les and Bobbi gave her for a baby shower gift.
By the way, the reason for the picture of the trees is because the aspens are turning yellow and that makes me VERY happy to know that fall is here. Fall drive into the mountains here we come!

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