Thanks SidiAmerica!

Alright, I can’t go without thanking Sidi for replacing my old Sidi Ergo 2 cycling shoes. about 2 months ago I noticed that my Sidi riding shoes had some yellowing on one of the plastic parts on them. I sent them into Sidi and they were so gracious as to even send me a pair of demo shoes to wear in the mean time while they waited for my size in the 2011 shoes to arrive. Check out the new kicks!

On an even brighter side, I have ridden the past two days. That is not the exciting part (even though it is great) but the fact that I finally feel like my fitness is back to where it was before Katelyn was born. I have felt rather sluggish since taking nearly a month away from the bike after her birth and I feel like my old self again. Now, only more to come in that realm I hope! That’s it for the night Katelyn is squirming out of her blanket and needs to be fed.

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