Oh weekend here I come…

Well, today the body is dragging. Two nights ago Kate was up 5 or 6 times fussing. We are so spoiled having her sleep all the way through the night. Just in case you don’t know that by all the way though the night I mean from 10pm to 6:15am when we wake her up. So I can’t complain too much but when you get into a rhythm of actually getting great sleep I think it hurts even worse than consistently inconsistent sleep.

I did work from home on Wednesday though and Kate stayed home with me and that did one thing. I told Janelle it simply reaffirmed that I could not be a stay at home father. She had a super fussy day and wouldn’t sleep for more than 5-10min at a time so I was not able to get everything done that I wanted to and if you don’t know it frustrates me when I am not able to get everything accomplished that I may be hoping for. Not her fault by any means I guess I am just goal oriented, even if I don’t make a list and cross things off like my very organized wife. She’s the list queen! I do have to admit though when she makes a weekend list of things we have to do and she goes and crosses something off that I’ve done I do feel cheated… 🙂
This week has been a pretty slow week at work with a lot of the staff out of the office though. Between our La Ruta recon camp in Costa Rica, IM Arizona camp going on and the performance testing camp going on this weekend the office has been a bit baron and the people who are here are trying to get prepped for the camp this weekend. I will be working this weekend though so I need to get a good night sleep tonight and get prepped and excited for the camp tomorrow. It looks like I will be doing 7 bike fits between Saturday and Sunday so let’s rock and roll! In preparation for this camp though I did go out for a bit of a stress reliever ride to get in the right mind set. Basically it was as hard as I could go on the climbs and then use the descents as some recovery. It is a good way to almost make yourself puke and I always feel good after crushing it like that.

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