Kansas Bound

This afternoon we will load up the car and head back to Kansas.  We’ve got an eight hour drive ahead of us and then four days of hectic activity to try and get all of the rounds we need to done.  The car will be full with Janelle, Kate, Kiya (the dog) and myself plus all of the luggage and stuff… It has always amazed me how much we take back and now with Kate it amazes me that a little 13lb kid needs an entire suitcase just for her clothes.  To be honest, the suitcase weighs more than twice what she does!  I guess when you spit up and drool on yourself all the time though you have to have lots of changes of clothes. 🙂  Watch out Kansas, here come the Irwins!  In true Grizwold fashion I might add, don’t worry though I won’t hook the dog to the bumper.

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