Been a long time…

So, it has been a really long time since I blogged…Things have been busy, to say the least, since we returned from our trip to Florida.

We took a trip back to Kansas for Thanksgiving and did all of the festivities with both families.  It was nice to go back but we were glad to be back in our own bed and done with all the driving.

We also got rid of the Mazda (HATED that thing) and got another Trailblazer for Janelle.  It is nearly identical to the one that she flipped several years ago and she is really happy to have it back (picture later).

We also went up near Woodland Park and went looking for a Christmas Tree in the Pikes Peak National Forrest.  It was a fun time but the trees were a bit more sparse than we were expecting.  We learned a very valuable lesson for a future trip if/when we do take one but you live and learn!

The day of the Christmas Tree adventure was actually when things began to get a bit more crazy.  Janelle got sick with strep, a sinus infection and bronchitis all at the same time and after a week she was starting to get better then Kate came down with what was apparently strep as well (Dr. office missed it when we took her in) and now that has turned into scarlet fever.  Kate is doing fine now but it is Janelle and I that are feeling the after math of her being sick.  She has gotten off schedule and now is up a great deal of the night, which means so are we.  We have clearly been spoiled because it has been hard on both of us but we are tag teaming it at this point and that is certainly helping out.
On a positive note though, I did get to commute to and from work yesterday.  The weather hit 64 deg. here in COS and since Janelle had the day off I couldn’t pass it up.  The commute in was a piece of cake but with it getting so dark so early the ride home was a bit more of an experience.  A big thanks to Cam for letting me borrow his bomb Seca headlight since I forgot mine at home.  900 lumens lit up the road like I had a car light strapped to my Trek Madone!

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