Biking legs?! What are those?

Well, Sadly enough since Sunday I have ridden more than I have ridden the past 3 weeks combined…needless to say that is not saying much.  I have done 7.5 hrs in 4 days.  The fitness is lacking right now for sure since in the last 2 months I have done less than what I was doing in 2 weeks time in May.  As I was looking through my TrainingPeaks power files on Friday of last week I hit a harsh reality, that reality is I’m LAZY!  So, this new realization led me to motivation.  My goal for the next two months is 10-12hrs in the saddle each week and so far the path to success this week is looking promising.  Even with the cold spell that is supposed to hit tonight I think it will still happen.  Keeping my fingers crossed and my motivation high and AWAY WE GO!

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