rough end to a year…

Well, to say the least December has been a rough month at the Irwin household.  I have been one busy guy playing nurse and trying to get all of my girls back to 100%.  Janelle was sick(strep, bronchitis and a sinus infection) right after Thanksgiving that lead into the the first week of December, then Kate got sick with Strep which turned into Scarlett fever and now Kiya is fighting something (106deg fever) bad enough that we had to take her to the emergency clinic on Sunday night and they kept her at the vet through most of the day yesterday.  She has got patches on either side shaved nearly bald from where the EKG electrodes went and a nice bald spot on her right leg from the IV.  She is by no means 100% and had Janelle and I very worried with how bad she was.

Took a family x-mas picture just before going to the vet…Kiya’s face says it all I think

Trying to cool her down before they could get the IV in

Hopefully before Christmas we will all be healthy again and able to enjoy a nice relaxing Christmas.  I hope god blesses all of you this Christmas and New Years and thanks for following.  There will be a video posted within the next week or so and photos too.  I’ve got a lot but with my new nursing responsibilities have fallen behind a little! 🙂

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