New Years with family

New Years seemed like a whirlwind to say the least.  My family came into town and the house grew from 2 ½ (Kate doesn’t take up enough space or move enough to count as 1 yet J ) to 8 ½  at the snap of a finger.  It was a great time and fun to spend time with family especially Sadie and Cole who I don’t get to see as much as I wish I could.  We had fun watching Kristen and Janelle duke it out for the Queen of Wii Dancing and then Sadie showed us a move or two and I think took the title with ease.  Plus a little belated Christmas celebration is always fun!
Tuesday it was back to work for both Janelle and I and it was a tough reality.  The week between Christmas and New Years I was Mr. Mom and Janelle’s  3 day weekend made it rough on her.  The fact that she has strep throat again didn’t help that out too much either though.  Her doctor’s office, which is horrible I might add, told her a week prior that she didn’t have strep and then after days of calling back they finally looked at her lab results and told her “oh yea… you do have strep.”  So after a week of a sore throat and feeling crummy she is finally on some antibiotics after battling through her week back at work.
I am actually sitting in the Colorado Springs airport as I type this waiting on a flight to LA for some last minute work related stuff and will be back into the springs on Sunday afternoon.  The rush will continue for a few more days here but it looks like next week’s work schedule appears to be a pretty normal week. 
Kiya is back to 100% for sure after her battle with a really bad infection.  How do I know this?  Well, it could be because she is back to chewing things up but Janelle says she knows “because her ears are perked up.”  Is that a dogs way of smiling?
I was able to get 3 consecutive days in the saddle and had intended on five rides by getting out today and a longer ride tomorrow but that will have to wait until next weekend now.  The time in the saddle has been good this week and the weather has been AMAZING for January.  

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