Been a while and forgot!

Well…to say the least it has been a long time since my last blog post. The month of January has been a great one in Colorado Springs. We have seen some snow and some weather in the 50’s too! That’s the thing I like the most about being around here. As long as the sun is out the potential for warm weather is likely. The only problem is the 4:45 sunsets… that knocks out the idea for evening walks with Janelle, Kate and Kiya.

The riding during the day has been going well. I am not at the fitness level I was at last June for race across the west and before Kate was born but camp season is quickly approaching and I’ve got to get some of that fitness back so the athletes aren’t making me hurt too bad! 🙂 Saddle time is really what I need at this point and i’m hoping that is a possibility for the rest of January and in to February. I did get out yesterday for 2.5 hours which was nice and the average power was higher than I was expecting for my fifth consecutive day in the saddle and a solo ride. It’s nice to have a group to ride with but I really enjoy an occasional long solo ride like this. It always seems to give me the time I need to think and suffer a little at my own choice.

(The foothills and Sangre de Cristo Mountain range in the background)
Kate is getting bigger by the day and is now sitting up all by herself!  She’s getting to be a lot of fun and I am excited for her to start being a little more mobile.
I forgot to upload the December video… apparently I have had it in a “draft” mode that I never posted, so if you have been waiting for it i’m sorry.

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