“Oh my Cow!”

Well, in the words of my sister, “Oh my Cow” was this a busy weekend!  Friday was filled with a full day of work and then a wonderful date night with my amazing bride.  Thanks to her mom who offered to watch Katelyn while she was in town visiting so we could get out on a much needed date night.  After a tiring week we were both not up for doing a ton and knew that a movie would only end up in sleep so we went out to dinner, then a Rico’s which is a neat little coffee shop that has live jazz on the weekends and then on to dessert at Sonterra.  Janelle is addicted to their bananas foster and I certainly can’t blame her because it is AMAZING!

Saturday was filled with a morning ride for me and then a full day of shopping.  Originally the plan was to have the women go in the morning and then me and Kyle (bro inlaw) would follow with three of the other kiddos.  However, Kyle turned in to a spineless sissy (I’ve told him this) and the partial day of shopping for the guys turned into a very full day.

Today was a morning of bowling and I haven’t seen this many people intoxicated by 11am since I went to k-state football games in college.  Now Janelle is making desserts for a family dinner tonight and then is headed to a tea party with Kate.  Two weekends in a row has left me a little frazzled and I think while the tea party is happening it is nap time for sure!

Photos to come…

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