Sick girls and long bike rides

So I have two of my three girls at home feeling under the weather again.  Kate came down with a head cold on Friday of last week and was running a fever on Sunday night and now Janelle has the crud.  We’ve got to figure out something to do to get the one with the developing immune system and the one with the lack of a proficient immune system from passing the sickness back and forth.  The weather has taken a turn for the better though and i’m hoping some warmth will make them both feel better plus a lot of rest and recovery.

On a brighter now I got a GREAT ride in on Saturday thanks to a little bit of girl time that Janelle had with Jodee.  4.5 hours is the most I have ridden in quite a while and boy did it feel good!  The winds were gusting in to the 40’s and starting off with the Saturday morning was a great idea otherwise I might have wanted to call it a day a little early.

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