Family update

Well, it is official. Katelyn is crawling!  Not super fast at this point but it is also only the start of her third day.  I have a feeling that in no time at all we will be wondering where she disappeared to. I think Janelle was relieved because at Katelyn’s 9 month appointment on Wednesday the doctor was really hoping she would be a bit more mobile. It must have bothered Katelyn too because the next day she was cruising around. 🙂  She is also pulling herself up not too so i doubt it will be long before we are walking.

For those of you that don’t know already, Janelle was nominated for the “Rising Professionals” award and was one of 40 people under 40 in Colorado Springs to receive it! Unfortunately the award was being held at the same time I was in Austin, so I was not able to go and celebrate with her.  She is such a hard worker and amazing at whatever she puts her mind to.  I know that she deserves the credit and much much more.

For me things have been a little less exciting.  I am racing this weekend at Mead Roubaix and don’t have any travel for a couple of weeks which is nice.  There was a trip to Solvang, CA that I was originally on this weekend for a camp but the sign up list was small enough that I was not needed for it in the end.  It is nice to have a weekend of no travel other than pleasure and hopefully there isn’t a whole lot to do around the house other than the usual… doubt it though!

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