Too Much to Even Completely Cover

This summer/fall has been INSANE!  I have obviously not updated my blog since June 9th so here is an overview of what all has gone on since then.

  • Raced my bike across America – We had a 4 man team that raced from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, Maryland in 6 days 2 hours and 8 minutes.  We took fourth over all and had a good time doing it!  I never intend on doing it again though and consider it one of my bucket list events
  • Kate’s 2nd birthday- Oh my dear baby Jesus!  The time has flown so fast and the number of words she is speaking now is amazing.  Janelle and I often look at each other and wonder where she learned some of the words.  She is a ball full of energy and I can’t help but laugh thinking about her and how much I love her.
  • Kiya went into anaphylactic shock- She had an allergic reaction to her kennel cough vaccination and I took her to the emergency vet at 10:30pm. This was not her first trip to an emergency clinic but it was significantly cheaper than the last!
  • We moved- Not half way across the country this summer… just across town.  I am tired of moving and Janelle and I both agree, “No more moving until we buy a house”
  • A new member to the family- Grayson Douglas Irwin was born, August 31st at 11:51am and weight 8lbs 8oz and was 21 inches long.  He is a handsome little guy and has stolen his mothers heart to say the very least.
  • Janelle went to the Dr. and was admitted to the hospital- Post delivery complications lead to some surgery.  Everything is now okay and I think the hardest thing for her was being away from her newborn son.
  • Grayson went to the Dr. and then was admitted-  The little guy stopped eating for 18hr or so and got really dehydrated.  He was given an IV and diagnosed with severe acid reflux.  The Russian hospitalist is a JERK!
  • I crashed my bike- This was the DUMBEST crash that has ever happened to me.  My water bottle fell into my front wheel after it got hung up int he bottle cage.  I went over the bars and fractured the olecranon process of my humerus.  3 weeks post crash the fracture is healing and I am working on getting range of motion back.  I am going to be getting back on the bike shortly too.
  • Kiya goes in for surgery- yea… we thought she had an “ear flap hematoma,” boy were we wrong. Turns out it’s cancer on her ear.  Little does she know she is going in tomorrow for surgery.

Obviously with the arrival of G we have had lots of visitors and amazing support from friends with meals to help with the stress of a second kid and all of the hospital stays.  We couldn’t have done it without you all!  If I forgot anything, which I am sure I did, I am sorry.  Have a great weekend!

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