Well, today is officially one week until Race Across America begins.  With all of our gear now on the road and the fact that I have 3 more days before I leave the fact that I will be riding my bike across the country, getting little sleep and eating over 5,000calories/day for a week has finally set in.  What comes to mind is “What the heck was I thinking!”  🙂

In all seriousness though, I know the miles are not the issue (as long as the knee is 100%) but my biggest concern is the lack of sleep.  By the time we hit this little bike we will be in Maryland just east of Cumberland and at one of the top of one of the more significant climbs in that region.  Several miles past this is a climb that the route manual calls “a potential walker.”  After riding that I am really hoping that this is a note for the solo riders not the teams because it did not seem that difficult.  UP UP and away!

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