Injury at a bad time…RAAM here we come!

Team HTHH kits for RAAM

Well, I am officially packed for Race Across America.  At least I think I am… 🙂  I worked tonight for 4 hours to get everything from bikes, spare wheelsets, tools, clothes and even my on the bike nutrition product in line.

This week has been a trying week for me.  On Sunday my seat post slid down and I did not realize it and I ended up having to limp in the rest of the way home.  12 miles in 1hr 15min and lots of pain was enough to leave me a broken man.  I have been icing that knee like crazy and last night took some ibuprofen to help reduce some of the swelling.  With less than two weeks to go it had me very nervous that everything I had done in the last 12 months was going to be a loss.  Today I hoped on the bike for a very short ride to test things out a little.  The first few minutes were uncomfortable and then my knee popped (it happens a lot when I ride) and my knee miraculously felt perfect.  Trying to play it safe I cut it short and will hop on in the morning for another test ride before both of my bikes will head west for the race.

I have until Tuesday before I leave and will enjoy the weekend as much as I can before what appears to be a grueling 2 weeks of final preparation and bike riding.  If any of you would like to follow us you can see updates on as well as the RAAM Webite and Facebook Pages.  If you are interested in helping support our cause of raising money to help battle childhood cancer please donate to CureSearch and help us reach our $25,000 goal.

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