2013…The year of “No Excuses”

ImageHappy 2013 everyone!  I hope that this year brings a refreshing start for many of you and a fun look back at everything that occurred last year.  I know around our household it was a whirl wind with births, birthdays, broken arms, hospital visits, travel and racing my bike across the country. I know that I am excited to begin a new year and it has already come at me screaming fast with so many things going on in even the first week!

Last year I came up with a list of 10 items that I wanted to set as my goals, which I must say I feel like I passed with an 80% completion rate… I know a B…what can I say.  Believing in the fact that a resolution is not a great route for me since a great deal of them seem vague, or somewhat dumb I am sticking with goals for 2013.  I have consolidated my list this year though.  In fact I have chopped it drastically down from 10 to 1 single item.  You read it in the title… No Excuses!

Seem a little to broad a little to vague for you?  Well, let me break it down and simplify it then.  What that means is there is no reason great enough other than the fact that I dropped the ball or didn’t do something.  Why did I come up with this one?  Quite frankly I have become very tired of hearing excuses from people.  It drives me crazy!  Your life is busy and you have a lot going on.  I understand that but so is mine and so do I.  If I am unable to get something done, make it to an event, skip a workout or forget something it is for those reasons alone.

Now, I am not saying this is easy.  Just yesterday I had a partner ask if I had gotten a task done. It was hard to tell someone that I admire, respect and that depends on me “No, I haven’t gotten to that yet.” but that is exactly what I ended up saying.  It doesn’t matter that I have had a sinus infection, been working a lot or whatever else might be going on in life I didn’t finish what we had discussed and therefore I had to fess up to it.  There is no doubt in my mind that this is going to be an extremely tough one for the year and will more than likely place me in an uncomfortable situation several times, however, almost out of frustration I feel this is one that I must become better as well.

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