Today has been one of those days where you feel like everything is just what you needed enlighten your entire life.

This morning I was sitting on the couch before church trying to fix a clasp on one of Janelle’s necklaces so she could wear it.  As I was diligently trying to fix this very small and delicate piece Kate plopped down next to me to watch.  Just like every 3 year old, and unfortunately probably 4 year old, her favorite question is “Why?”.  So it went a little like this:

Katelyn: Daddy, whatcha doin?

Me: I’m fixing Mommy’s broken necklace.

Katelyn: Why?

Me: Because it’s Daddy’s job to fix broken things.  What are you doin?

Katelyn: Just sittin here.

Me: Why? (Okay, so I do this maybe out of a bit of frustration and it probably doesn’t help her to stop asking the question…)

Katelyn: pause… Because I love you!

Me: silent

Okay, she won!  Not only did she melt my heart with that simple statement and wrap me even a little tighter around her finger, which Janelle would say was impossible, but it got me to thinking.  No matter what we do there is always some motive for our actions. Whether it is fame, fortune, fun, spite or love we have some reason we do what we do, whether we know it or not.  BOOM thought done and moving on with the rest of my day.

Or so I thought… Siting in service at City Church this past Sunday I was once again mowed over.  We have been going through a sermon titled “Walk the Line” and yes it does include a little Johnny Cash to kick it off every Sunday.  Today’s sermon discussed laziness.  This is probably the first time I have heard a biblical approach on this.  The premise of this was a follow up on City Church’s, “Called, not Employed” attitude.  This is the belief that no matter where you work you are there for a reason.  The continuation on this was that you should work in a manner like you are working for Christ not simply an employer.  In other words, as believers, we should be the hardest workers and put forth the greatest effort even if you don’t have the greatest skill set.  Then add on top of that and add that thought process to every aspect of your life and see how big and intimidating it gets.

This has had me thinking all week long of what my motives are for many of my goals, why I do what I do and how I can continue to improve.  Where are you?


Looking to hear this sermon search “City Church Tallahassee” to find the video.  Currently it is not posted.

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