This year,at Science of Speed, we did an Independence Day Dare.  In honor of the 240th anniversary of the United States there was a challenge proposed to all athletes to either ride 240 miles or 240 km or to run 24.0 miles or 24.0 km.  I personally set out to run 24 km and ride 240 km.  In hindsight I was a bit overzealous with that goal and did not calculate the amount of time it would take on the bike to complete the 240km.

13613147_10103065392316191_8848765361602700776_oWith July 2nd being my daughter’s 6th birthday I set myself back from the onset and was only able to complete a 6.5 mile run.  Not too bad of a start but with blazing afternoon temperatures reaching heat indices of over 105 degrees I was subdued after day 2 on the bike.  40+ miles felt like a death march and I quickly opted to finish the run method.

The added heat lead to wet socks and shoes and blisters quickly formed on the tip of one of my toes.  I continued on and finished off a little over 5 miles on day 2.  My gate was slightly altered to accommodate for the blisters on my feet but with a quick trip to Capital City Runners I was hopeful a new pair of socks would be a step in the right direction.

Brady Irwin RunnerDay 3 and it was on like Donkey Kong.  I got up a bit earlier to try and beat the heat.  This was the best decision possible and I was glad that I pulled myself out of bed.  The run went well and the socks helped.  Even though I could still feel the blisters on my feet, the new socks seemed to help and I was able to finish out the split with reduce discomfort and just over the required 24 km.

What an adventure, my SWEET SoS #IndependenceDayDare hat is attained and I am sure there will be more of these challenges to come!


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