Day one was an interesting race.  With heat indices over 106 degrees at the start of a sixty minute circuit race it was guaranteed to be a challenge.

If you have never been to Road Atlanta, it is a very neat venue for a bike race.  Corners are flowy and very fast since they are designed for race cars going much faster than what we are doing.  This makes it about as safe as it can be and fast with speeds at 40+mph.

Our group started with 45 riders and as you head out of pit road you immediately find your self slapped in the face with a 16% Georgia Gran Prix Day 1 Road Atlantagradient that is 30-40 seconds of all out effort.  The first 3 times up the hill I felt fine and was sitting comfortably in the field.  Lap 4 it became apparent that my lack of time in the saddle was going to be a negative impact on me.  I gutted it out another 2 times up the hill and came to the realization that there are still 5 more races ahead of me and if I was to have any chance either of those days I should call it quits.

Day 2 is a criterium race at the Gwinnett Center in Atlanta and is a downhill followed by an uphill finish.  Not much to it but, other than a hill and the heat of a 2:30 start.  Away we go!

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