Another Irwin on The Way! Another Challenge…

As many of you already know Janelle and I are expecting another little Irwin child in August! This is a very exciting/scary time for both of us but we are both getting more and more excited about the arrival of our new child. We find out in several weeks what the sex of our little one will be but we can pray for a boy, right? 🙂 Either way, I have told Janelle that it is a “Two and through” deal. If it is another girl we will be happy with what the lord will bless us with.

Coincidentally our Church just wrapped up a series today called “The Birds and The Bees,” which covered marriage and sex(insert christian taboo shock here) and also it went into parenting a little bit in relation to what the bible says about all of it. I would like to be able to say that I am a perfect Husband and father but as many of you might find hard to believe that is far from the truth sometimes(stunned silence, I am sure). This sermon series was great for me and opened my eyes to a great deal about what being a husband/father should look like. This is certainly a never ending goal and work but It is something to strive for. I think the most important part for me is the “Husbands, it is on you!” quote. I think too often it is very easy to come home after a long day of work and forget what your responsibilities are as a husband and father and with one more on the way this series was a great reminder to me.  If any of you are interested in watching you can go here to see the sermons.

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